The lessons guide learners through some of the fundamentals of the Konkow language.
Each lesson introduces a new aspect of Konkow by utilizing examples, exercises, activities and games.
Games and Flash Cards for each lesson are downloadable for home use.
The flash card templates can be printed either one or two sided. If you choose to print the cards on both sides be sure that you set the duplexer to print using long side binding. This will ensure that the front and back will match.

The lessons are under development and will be brought live once they are ready.

Follow the links below to learn more about the individual lessons.

This lesson familiarizes learners with the sounds of Konkow.
There are a few sounds we do not have in English and those are the focus of examples, exercises and a game.

In this lesson we use examples from the story of Coyote and the Turtle Girls to show how subjects and objects can be in any order in Konkow.

In this lesson we look at the various parts of a Konkow word.
Roots and suffixes, vowel harmony and reduplication are three of the topics discussed in the exercises.

LESSON 4:  Describing and Specifying (in Noun Phrases)

This lesson focuses on an important concept which ties noun phrases together. Motion, Location and other noun endings comprise the content of this lesson.
There is a Placecard activity which can be used with two or more people, depicting a Konkow basket and soaproot brush.

LESSON 5:  Pronouns

Color coded charts and graphics are used to learn the most common Konkow pronouns in this lesson.
Color coded flashcard games help reinforce the concepts.

LESSON 6:  Demonstratives

The focus of this lesson is on Konkow demonstratives like the English words for this, that and those.

LESSON 7:  Person Marking Verbs

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LESSON 8:  Imperatives

Konkow commands are the topic of this lesson. Present, future, singular and plural imperatives are covered.

LESSON 9:  Past, Present & Future

We learn about a few important components that denote past, present and future in this lesson.

LESSON 10:  Questions

The topic of this lesson is questions and how to form them in Konkow.

LESSON 11:  Negatives

This lesson goes over how Konkow questions are formed.

LESSON 12:  Adverbs

This lesson discusses adverbs.

LESSON 13:  Connectives

This lesson discusses connetives.